Year End Perspective

December 31 is here already. As I get older, the time seems to fly by so much quicker. I think it is a perspective thing. When I was little, I couldn't wait for things like Christmas or my birthday; even the weekends seemed to take forever to get here!

But now, having recurring monthly and yearly bills needing to be paid, the perspective seems to be way different. Being aware of having to budget time, money and other resources has made me lose alot of that child-like wonder of the first day of summer vacation.

My "when will it get here?" has turned into "when did that happen?"

Where did the weekend go? Where did spring go? Where did the summer go? How can it be fall already? I'm HOW OLD?

This new perspective is not without it's perks. I'm learning to live more in the moment, taking the time to enjoy the now, rather than always looking forward to the what's next.

I have the greatest respect for my husband of 21+ years, knowing he took on alot of responsibility, marrying me with a 4 year old in tow. I appreciate the man my son has become, seeing his potential rather than his faults and being so proud of his accomplishments. I am able to love deeper, say kinder words, and laugh--always laugh, more often. Encouragement comes easier than finding fault, praying comes easier than judging, and open ears and open heart work better than an open mouth.

Yes, perspective has its privileges. Thank you Lord, for growing me and showing me.