Traditions Worth Keeping

I bought this Advent calendar when my son was little. The traditions I had of my family's holidays were filled with yelling, cursing and many alcoholic drinks, not something I wanted to pass on.As I was a first generation Christian, I was new at this and had no family to go to; I had to pick the traditions that

a) made the most sense for my son to understand, b) were affordable and doable with our limited time and resources and

c) would be remembered, as he has Attention Deficit Disorder and doesn't remember alot of details, especially of when he was little.

The ornaments on the tree are all magnets and he took great pleasure in placing them on the tree before bed each night. He got to pick which ornament would be placed where on the tree, and it helped him wait and count the days, so I didn't have to answer the endless questions of "When? When?"

This year was his first year he was not home for Christmas, due to his job and limited funds for airfare. I sent him a small Christmas tree and a tiny Nativity for his apartment; the Advent calendar stayed here. I had the pleasure of placing the ornaments on the tree and remembering.....

Yes, a tradition worth keeping.