The Newel Post Finial Answer to Prayer

I love looking at decorating magazines.

I get ideas (sometimes too many at once!) and start to formulate how to replicate the pretty things I see for my home. For while I love to look at the catalogs I do not like the prices I see. I understand the value of the artisan's time in making some of the creations. I just don't always have the money.

A while back, I became familiar with a saying--"Lord, what can You supply before I buy?"

I knew He would supply ALL our needs; He had before and would continue to do so.

But what about the pretty things I saw in the catalogs? I didn't need them.

But I really wanted some of the things I saw.

One thing in particular, a large wooden finial (like for a fence post) caught my eye. They featured three sizes, from ten to about fifteen inches tall. They were painted wood, with a rich patina...oh, I could just imagine how perfect it would look as a book end on the shelf. I left the catalog opened to the dog-eared page, right on top of the other magazines in the basket. Oh how I wanted that painted piece of wood!

Gulp. It was $45.

But I still wanted it.

I started to ask God--could You supply this for me? I know it's a lot of money and it's just something to have... But I sounded lame asking, even to me.

I held onto the catalog for years; if I can't have the bookend, I can at least love the picture. It went into my box of things that lifted my spirits, put away on a shelf.

Three years later, while driving my mother to her doctor's appointment, a section of highway was roped off for construction. My eyes often sweep the roadside, looking for deer or treasures. I spotted some odd looking thing on one of the construction barrels on the right shoulder up ahead. (You should know I rarely, if ever, ride in the right lane.) As I pulled over, I began to grin.

There, on top of the barrel, was the finial, as it appears in the above picture.

I carried it back to the car, still grinning. My mother had no idea what I had in my hands or the story behind it.

Unable to stop grinning, I had a testimony to tell my non-believing mother on the 40 minute drive home. I showed her the picture when we got back home. Four months later, she gave her heart to Jesus.

O Lord, what can You supply before I buy?

What have you asked Him for lately?