The Daniel Fast - Day 9

I've been dwelling on what I've learned from the Daniel Fast so far. God showed me that I wasn't giving Him all of me. I wasn't keeping some secret sin hidden; no, I wasn't believing He would, or could, do all that He says He would do. I was settling for crumbs instead of whole pieces. Sandra Aldrich told a story where a couple prayed over what they needed for their meal. They prayed for chopped meat when they could have had steak!

Enough talk about foods that are not on the Daniel Fast list! I can have those things in 2 weeks!

The Lord has reminded me of practical things. I love when He does this, because I understand and operate in the practical often. In my reading of Genesis 41, Joseph planned for the coming famine in the land. Planning is a responsibility, not an option. God expects us to do the practical, our part.

In my reading of Psalm 146, God instructs me to (vs3) not put my trust in men, who fail. I am to seek God who does not fail. This will deepen my faith- the very thing I am yearning to do. (Seek=Faith A practical step)

In Proverbs 11, I am instructed to speak life, not carelessly use words that will hurt or destroy. Practical steps.

In Matthew 9, starting at verse 2, we learn that God is not only concerned with physical healing. Physical healing must take a back seat to spiritual healing. Spiritual sickness is more serious than physical illness. Through verse 6, we read that we can say we love God or others, but if we are not taking practical steps to demonstrate that love, our words are empty and meaningless.

If you and I are willing, God will do whatever He has to prepare us to be best used by Him for His purpose.

Be prepared for God to use you to show another person the way to Him.