The Daniel Fast - Day 7

It's Day 7 of the Daniel Fast, and I've got to tell you, I'm missing meat. Any Mickey D's commercial, driving past Texas Road House Steakhouse (where the aroma of beef fills the air...even when I'm in the car!) is giving my resolution to stay on this fast a real run for its money. Thankfully, I know where to turn for the power to keep on with this fast. It was God's idea in the first place so I return to Him with each hunger pain. God is pleased to hear His people pray. He is also pleased to hear when His people choose to strengthen their prayers in a way He has ordained. In Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney,

The most important aspect of this discipline is its influence on prayer. You'll notice that in one way or another, all the biblical purposes of fasting relate to prayer....The Bible does not teach that fasting is a kind of spiritual hunger strike that compells God to do our bidding.....Fasting does not ensure the certainty of recieving clear guidance from God. Rightly practiced, however, it does make us more receptive to the One who loves to guide us.

For me, today, I'm seeing this day of fasting as I see other days I've fasted. I've done 1 day total fasts, taking in only water, as a way of overcoming temptation and of freshly dedicating myself to God. I have found my sugar addiction to be just as powerful, if not more so, than a cigarette addiction. I quit smoking on August 28, 1989 for the last time, so I have knowledge of this feeling.

Just as God still keeps me from cigarettes, He will come minister to me through these weaker moments.

He knows my heart.