The Daniel Fast - Day 5

As much as yesterday's devotions dealt with rest, today's inbox messages and my personal devotions seemed to have the same thread of TRUST. God has been revealing Himself, little by little, to me--showing me He CAN be trusted. Let me explain a little further... As I read more and apply God's standard to my way of living, it becomes increasingly clear that I am not trusting Him as much as He is asking. I seem to settle for His good gifts--and that's great--but not enough.

Yesterday's reading included Matthew 7:7-12. In my paraphrase, I have not asked, sought or knocked; I've waited to see what God has provided and I go from there. I have been content with what He has given me, but I have not sought more. I seem to be ok with the extraordinary things God has provided, but I don't have His WOW.

Oh Father forgive me. I've been making do with a little, and You have honored me in that.

But You have so much more for me.

The affirmation of that came in the mail today. I recieved a beautiful poem from a fellow author and I cannot describe the feeling I had as I read it; I could hear God's voice, not condemning me, but gently taking me to a deeper faith. I felt His Presence as I thanked Him for His forgiveness after I confessed my sin and repented of my holding back, my not giving Him 100%.

Keep me hungry for more of You LORD.