The Daniel Fast - Day 4

Yesterday, my inbox was blessed with devotions about resting. I found this a bit odd, as I am beating myself up over resting too much instead of getting things done. I discovered today, yet again, that GOD--

a) Knows me better than I know myself, and b) Knows what's coming in the day ahead.

I was unable to fall asleep last night. I stayed up, reading, writing a bit, doing those little things that always seem to end up on my 'to-do' list, no matter how many 'to-do' lists I make. It was 4:20 AM when I finally lay down in bed, tired enough to drift off to sleep. I awoke briefly when my husband got up, but fell back asleep, thinking, "this must be the rest I needed". Usually, when I go to bed late (or early!) I end up sleeping until noonish. I then berate myself, feeling I wasted another day being unproductive. And on the cycle goes.

But I noticed something different today. All those little things I wanted to get done, like sending out a note to a friend God had placed on my heart, or sending a book to a friend, got done. Those were the things I was finally able to get off of my 'to-do' list and place on the 'to-done!' list.

I didn't have that nagging voice in the back of my mind today either.

Could it be that I did today exactly what God had planned for me to do?