The Daniel Fast-Day 3

Today started out kind of strange. I recieve various blog posts and devotions in my inbox and today I read 3 separate ones referring to REST. Now I am all for not overdoing it, as I seem to not bounce back as well as I used to when I was younger, but I've been battling with being borderline LAZY these last few days! My first thought, when I read these posts was, "if I 'rest' any more, I'll be asleep!" Then I looked a bit deeper. Rest certainly has its place in our lives; we need to balance between work and play. But I saw something different pertaining to me. I have a tendency to be complacent and not push myself to write or work on art projects as often or for as long a period of time as I could. Throw in a headache and/or some back or knee pain and I could very well waste a whole day doing nothing.

This complacency has spilled over into my relationship with God. While I believe His Word and His promises, I admit I am not giving Him 100%.

I'll willing to settle for the good He has for me instead of the extraordinary He's willing to give me.

I want His WOW!

GOD can do more than I could ever imagine -- I don't want to settle for good enough.