The Daniel Fast - Day 17

I spoke to a friend today about the Daniel Fast. He couldn't understand how I could choose to give up the foods that are not 'allowed'. I started to explain that it wasn't for forever, it's only for 21 days, but I had to add that I felt very well and may continue the fast after the appointed time! He was shocked, and we parted, him still shaking his head.I later went food shopping. As I walked up and down the aisles, I looked at all the food items I used to buy. I felt a familiar tug, but it was a very tiny tug. I did not feel compelled to buy any of it for 'after'--even the things I used to buy because I had to have it.

Many of my favorites, ice cream, pizza, waffles, bagels and the deli section (I'm big on cheese) no longer seem to hold as much appeal. I wavered a bit around the steaks but found it easy to walk away without putting any of it in my cart.

I started to think about grace. His grace. That wonderful grace that passes all understanding. His grace truly is sufficient for whatever I'm going through.

And that's enough for me.