The Daniel Fast - Day 16

The peace continues!Today's post comes directly out of my reading in "Come Away My Beloved" by Frances J. Roberts

A More Glorious Way

You have read that "the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life" (2 Corinthians 3:6). I have a deeper revelation of this truth to give you if you can recieve it. For the Spirit operates in a different realm than the Word. The Word deals with you on the plane of your everyday living. It governs your conduct in daily affairs...

But in the Spirit, there is a life awaiting that would draw you out beyond the confines of the natural world. The Spirit of God operates in the realm of the supernatural and the infinite.

Do not hold back in wonder and disbelief. Accept My life in the Spirit as it is. Do not require Me to operate within the limitations of your life. I am calling you to give My Spirit within you the liberty to move out into the dimensions of the infinite.

Breathtaking? Perhaps. But how could you expect anything less of Me? Push open the door. In the dazzling light of My presence you will see much that is now obscure to you because you have chosen to walk in the darkness. I have better things for you--things in keeping with Myself. You have not truly known Me. You have been hindered in your comprehension by what you have read and been taught. There is very little more concerning Me that you can learn from human sources. You can know Me in the Spirit only when you go deeper in your worship. I am not found in textbooks but in sanctuaries...Only the heart that is melted in devotion is pliable in My hand. Only the mind that is open to the Spirit can recieve revelation.

Labor not to be wise but to be yielded, and in your attitude of submission to My Spirit I will instruct you in My truth. There will be death and there will be a glorious resurrection. The letter will convict of sin and prune away the old fallen nature, and the Spirit will bring forth within you a life that will never die. It will have faculties of perception not to be compared with the physical senses...It shall increase and develop as you move on into God, and you a more glorious way.

This passage best describes the difference the Daniel Fast has made in me up until now, but the possibilities are endless. It's a deeper, more honest relationship between my Savior and I. Words do not do it justice; it simply is MORE. see what's next.