The Daniel Fast - Day 13

"Thy Will be done." These words were on my lips last night as I drifted off to sleep. I had that calm assurance, that peace, that only comes from fully trusting Jesus. I spent the day (yesterday) praying and fasting for a family member. Today, I recieved a telephone call, telling me an alternative project was found and is a feasible replacement for the original matter. I know the details aren't clear, but that's ok. The family member knows, and God knows, and that is enough.

You see, I had prayed and fasted for clarity in the situation.

I suppose I could have prayed for God to fix the whole situation; to provide the people and resources needed to make the requested reality appear. But that would contradict "Thy Will be done". This person needed clarity to truly see the situation as it was and take the next step needed, even if that step was to put the project on the back burner for now.

The LORD gave me the wisdom to know how to best pray over this. Fasting while praying does not change God's hearing, but it does change the way we pray. I know my faith is deepening, my trust is growing and my heart is full.

Even if I had not recieved a telephone call today, I would still be resting in His strength, content in His peace; trusting that He had indeed heard my prayer and is working those behind-the-scenes details out.

Yes. Thy Will be done.