The Daniel Fast - Day 10

Today was a turning point for me. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with a friend visiting family in a nearby state. Linda lives in California and was my roommate at my first writer's conference. We got to spend time together, doing an art project. We were originally going to meet for lunch, but knowing I would be tempted to eat food that was not on the list, I made a pot of chili. Unbeknownst to me, Linda loves chili, so we got to spend more time working on our art project. Here is the interesting part--when I started this fast, it began as a means to strengthen prayer and a humility before God. I was seeking to grow my faith and seek more of Him. As we caught up and played with clay, I had an outpouring of peace. My fasting became a worship time, where I was able to be fully aware of His presence and His love for me.

My stomach was no longer the focus; the foods I could not have were no longer important.

Sweet fellowship and the peace that passes all understanding filled me.

What a MIGHTY GOD we serve!