The Bears (and I Don't Mean Chicago)

I got a real treat while I was at The Cove. I walked out to the deck near the dining hall, looked down, and saw this. This was the elusive bear we were all trying to get a glimpse of during our week long stay. Taking a walk. She walked to the edge of the woods, to my left, no hurry, just walking. I hear a rustle of the trees to my right. I look over, and I see this. My dinner companions, Chris and Rochelle, had just come out to the deck. I motioned and loudly whispered, "there's bears!" The cubs heard this--one scampered up a tree about 10 feet; the other came out into the clearing a bit. Here comes Mom. Not hurrying, but about the same pace as before, went straight to the wayward bear cub and smacked him, sending him rolling! James and Ruby, my other dining companions, sadly, did not get to see this display of wildlife.

But can't you imagine the story?

I can't take another MINUTE with those two kids--they are driving me outta my TREE! "I'll be gone 5 MINUTES--don't you MOVE from this SPOT"...muttering...twins. I hadda have twins. All my friends had single births, but NO--I get twins...and boys yet...driving me out of my tree. What? Where do you think you're going Mister? I told you DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ROOM...get up in a tree like your brother (smack). Five minutes...I can't even have five minutes. Sigh.

Well, it might have been like that...