Star Struck

The lobby of the CNN building in Atlanta, GA
The lobby of the CNN building in Atlanta, GA

I admit it. I get star struck.

I didn't think so for the longest time, but yes...

I tend to turn into a blithering idiot around celebrities.

I had the opportunity to visit the CNN building back in 2013, and be a guest on their After Dark show as part of the studio jury during a very high profile case. I got to meet people who are on TV everyday; who are as normal as anyone you might run into in most places.

Me and Vinnie Politan
Me and Vinnie Politan
Me and Darren Kavinoky
Me and Darren Kavinoky

Yep. Red-faced, stumbling over my words, bonafide star struck.

To tell you the truth, I didn't think much of it, other than being excited I got to meet these fascinating people.

But it all came back to me, in a rush, back in May, 2015.

You see, I'm involved with prayer groups on Twitter. One of the people I pray for is Charlie Daniels. That's right, the "Devil Went Down To Georgia" guy. (If you don't know who he is, please Google him and check him out on iTunes. You're missing out on some fine music.) My husband has seen Charlie in concert numerous times, and I decided to go with him in May.

Cyn, Charlie Daniels, and hubby, "Pyro-Jack"
Cyn, Charlie Daniels, and hubby, "Pyro-Jack"
I'm so honored Charlie chose to follow me!
I'm so honored Charlie chose to follow me!

Charlie has graciously thanked me for praying for him, Ms. Hazel, and the rest of his crew, numerous times on Twitter. Back to May. We're waiting our turn at the meet-and-greet before the show.  As Charlie shook Jack(Pyro)'s hand, Jack said, "And this is my wife, Charlie".  I stepped out from behind Jack, Charlie looked me square in the face, and said, "You're CYN!"

and shook my hand, both of us grinning. You see, Charlie was being his usual charming self, posing with people for pictures as he does for every meet-and-greet before a show, but for me, this was different.

He. Knew. My. Name.

And I couldn't help but think, 'If I'm this star struck over Charlie Daniels' knowing my name, HOW MUCH MORE when Jesus says my name?.

How much more indeed?

Praying for my readers today. And Charlie Daniels too.

(An extra note--Charlie's godson, Logan Smith was killed in an auto accident over Labor Day weekend. Please include Logan's parents, Wayne & Cindy, as well as his sister Leighanna in your prayers. Thanks.)

Need prayer? Leave a comment, and know you'll be lifted to His throne.

What Do You Want Me To Do?

When I hear the same message more than once within days, I tend to pay more attention.Lately, it's how God has been speaking to me, because He knows I've prayed, "Lord, make what You want really clear because I don't always get it the first time, OK?"

101_0027 As a writer, I am also a reader. This should come as no shock (at least I hope not!) as I have a blog and read others' as well. And there's still the stack of books on most flat surfaces in my home.

However, today, as I caught up on my e-mail reading, a post from The Christian Pulse warranted my attention. There was a post written by Charlotte Riegel entitled "Can You Help Me?" where she spoke of Jesus' question, "What do you want Me to do for you?" (Mark 10:51 NIV)

I addressed the same issue in a post back in the middle of December 2012--you can read it here.

Yesterday, I arrived at church very late. I woke up late, not feeling well, but I knew I wanted to break the habit of not going to church because I ...(fill in lame reason here).

(Before you get all up in my face about this subject, I know there are legitimate reasons for not attending church. I am NOT speaking of those reasons. I am speaking STRICTLY ABOUT MYSELF, and the lame reasons I SOMETIMES use for not attending church. My health issues have a lot to do with that; I assure you they ARE legitimate. However, I have found God speaks in definite terms, [i.e. Go here..., Do this..., thou shalt not...] whereas the enemy of our souls uses the same lies as he used on Eve, [maybe you shouldn't..., I don't think..., You better not...]. That being said...)

I knew my showing up at church would be an act of worship between God and I. He knows my heart, and He knew what it would take to get me out of bed and into the car for the 28 mile drive.

He also knew I needed to hear the message Pastor Tony was preaching.

I don't know if Pastor actually said the words, but I heard, "What do you want Me to do for you?" loud and clear during the message.

And for the first time, I answered Him. I answered Him with specifics, because He is very clear about things; no wiggle room there.

I'm waiting, with expectancy, to see how He's going to pull this one off. I have no doubt He will, in His time.

Read Mark 10:51 for yourself. I looked it up in the Message, NLT, KJV, Amplified, Living Bible, and NIV. The scripture is the same. (Remember, He DOES NOT change.)

What do you want Him to do for you?

What Does Your Jesus Look Like?

I remember this baby Jesus from my childhood. The rest of the Nativity scene is long gone, but I still have this baby Jesus. (This could be a post all on its own. But I digress...)100_9898 As a child, I remember asking my mother, "What happened to Jesus' face?"

Growing up in a non-Christian home, my inquiry was met with a vague,"I don't know.", "Don't bother me now.", or the old standby, silence.

Christmas was something we "did", not something we celebrated. We had to buy presents, because it was expected, even though we lived in terrible debt all year. We had to send cards, especially to those who sent us one--(we had a little book to keep track of such things). We had so many have to's, that I have a difficult time remembering happy times as a child.

But just over 26 years ago, I met Jesus.

My son is a first generation growing up in a Christian home. And he, like any small child, asked, "What happened to Jesus' face?" 100_9900

As an artist, I can appreciate the skill that went into creating this piece. The carving of the basket of Jesus' bed, the hay under Him; the finer details are lost but the art piece must have been fine in its day. It dates back before the 1940's. It's not plastic, or resin. It's made of a plaster-like product, but not as heavy. It's chipped, and a little dirty, for it's been handled over and over. 100_9899

"What happened to Jesus' face?" my son had asked again.

I smiled.

I told him, "I believe it's been kissed off."

Black Friday Tidbits and Thoughts

I have chosen to skip Black Friday shopping this year. My family is small, I have no little ones to shop for, and I got laid off from my full time job in June 2011. My son is grown, living in another state and will not be home for the holidays at all this year. We have decided to celebrate Christmas in May 2012, when he graduates from college. We have all we need. I will not go into deeper debt to buy things that will be discarded or end up at a spring yardsale. Paul and Timothy made it clear in this passage-

"Actually, I don't have a sense of needing anything personally. I've learned by now to be content whatever my circumstances. I'm just as happy with little as with much, with much as with little. I've found the recipe for being happy whether full or hungry, hands full or empty. Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am. (Phillipians 4:10-13 The Message)

I have already recieved the greatest gift; my salvation in believing Jesus Christ died for me on the cross. Do you have this assurance in your heart? I pray, dear reader, you do. And if you don't, or aren't sure, please read aloud the following prayer:

Dear Jesus, I know I've messed up in my life. Things have become more important to me than You are. I believe You are LORD and I believe in my heart that God raised You from the dead. You died for me, so I can have eternal life in Heaven. I invite You, LORD Jesus, to come into my heart and to help me live my life for You, not me. Thank You LORD Jesus, for saving me from my sins and washing me clean as snow. Amen.

If you have just prayed this prayer, and you really meant it, God really means it too. He has saved you and you will go to Heaven when you die. You have just recieved the greatest gift there is -- a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you have recieved Jesus as your LORD and Savior, please make a comment below -- I would like to welcome you into God's family and help you grow as a Christian.