"Eyewitness to Majesty" --Mindy Ferguson's Book Review

PeterI identify a lot with Peter.

He always seemed to be the one rushing in, talking without thinking first, and acting as he saw fit in the heat of the moment.

Yeah, I identify with Peter-a LOT.

"Eyewitness to Majesty" is a study about Peter, his journey from brash fisherman to powerful speaker for His Lord, Jesus Christ. Through her words, Peter becomes real; a fisherman with smelly clothes trying to provide for himself; not just another figure in the Bible.

Mindy captures the subtle, yet always life changing, experiences of Peter and his relationship with Jesus. We, in turn, are encouraged to see these parallels in our own lives--from the realness of our everyday messes into the plan He has for each of our lives.

The study is broken up into 10-weeks, with 5 days of study per week. The studies are short enough to fit into a quick 20-30 minute read, but meaty enough to give you something to ponder each day. It's suitable for alone-time or a group study.

If you're seeking to dig deeper into God's Word and His amazing transforming power, you will be pleased with Mindy's newest study, "Eyewitness to Majesty: Abandoning Self for Christ"

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FTC Disclosure: Special thanks to Fruitful Word Ministries for sending me a review copy of Eyewitness to Majesty: Abandoning Self for Christ by Mindy Ferguson.