Storm Damage-Part 1

Back in October 2011, Pennsylvania got hit with an unexpected snow storm. The heavy, wet snow wreaked havoc on many trees and caused widespread damage. In my own yard, the lilac bush took the brunt of the hit.In preparation to trim the lilac, I went out to the shed, looking for a pair of pruners. Upon closer inspection of the broken branch, I determined a saw would be in order. However, all I could find in the shed was a small hacksaw type of tool. As I began to saw away, I noticed the tiny teeth the blade had. This was going to take awhile. Nevertheless, I persevered. As those tiny teeth kept cutting through the branch, I couldn't help but see the similarity between it and sin in our lives.

How many times do we pass off a little sin as "Oh, it won't matter" or "Nobody will find out" or the ever popular,"That's not really wrong, is it"?

Here's a hint--If you're asking that question or find yourself strongly defending it? It probably is.