My husband has been under alot of stress. He commutes an hour each way to work on a major highway and has to deal with some strange characters on the road. He gets to work and has to deal with even more, as he is the Supervisor of Quality and can't hand off issues to someone else. My job is getting busy; I work as an electronic assembler and we are on overtime. There is not much time for anything but the basics of eating, sleeping, working, and remembering to feed the dogs.

Things came to a head this past week and we decided to take a sabbatical weekend. No, I take that back. We didn't decide; God arranged it for us. We stayed at home all weekend, starting with Chinese take-out on Friday. We ate leftovers and junk food and watched some silly movies all day on Saturday. On Sunday we made a big pot of chicken soup for the week and baked three dozen muffins. We shared the work, we laughed, we teased, we had a wonderful time doing nothing together. Our worship time together was awesome as God allowed us to enjoy each other without any pressures of the previous weeks. We are friends, and we rekindled that friendship over the weekend.

Our marriage recieved a greatly needed boost from this time; it hadn't been in trouble but we could easily have kept with that maddening pace which would have eventually worn us both out.

What a Mighty God we serve!