Procrastination-Part 2

In my last devotional time, I read in Genesis the story of Sarai and Abram. In chapter fifteen God spoke to Abram and told him He will give his descendants the land from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates. God didn't just promise, He made a covenant with Abram.(Genesis 15:18-21 NIV) God didn't make covenants lightly; what He says He will do, He does.In chapter sixteen Sarai decides to take care of her childlessness on her own instead of waiting on God's timing. I couldn't help but think how foolish this seemed--God had already promised, by covenant, that He would give land to Sarai and Abram's descendants, which meant that she would become pregnant. But Sarai didn't wait for God's timing. I immediately thought of myself, how often I do this very same thing? I am not seeking to become pregnant, but how often do I doubt God or become impatient with His timing or manner of doing things? It is a bit painful to type these words but I recognize myself in Sarai's actions. Sarai used her maidservant Hagar to have a child, which was the custom of the day. Abram agreed, even though the LORD had made the covenant with him, and a child was conceived. God allowed it, even though it was not of His plan. When Abram was confronted, he told Sarai it was her decision; to "do with her (Hagar) whatever you think best." (vs 16:6). The whole situation started to unravel. I was blessed to attend a writer's conference last month (this was originally written in December 2010). The LORD spoke very clearly to me about writing for His Glory and starting a speaking ministry with my sculptures, based on His Word, as a starting point. I believe I can do this; it seems to be 'right up my alley'. Yet I am hesitant to put this all together, hence the procrastination issue. Further digging into my habits, I see a trend of having these great ideas, but no fruit ever comes from them. This time, however, the LORD is not letting me do my usual 'dream 'em and leave 'em' routine. I think He is using this procrastinating time to refine my faith and purify my heart. I've come to realize that the GOD Who spoke to me at Ghost Ranch is the very same GOD Who spoke to Abram. He is the same God Who is allowing me to search His Word and discover this truth about my habit of unbelief. So. What to do about it? My mind has a tendency to go off in many directions; I am easily distracted. First, I need to do the thing at hand. I have started that thing; you, dear reader, are reading it right now. My first step is a blog where I can write down these thoughts and insights from the LORD and His Word. I am a work in progress and am not posting as often as I would like but I have started this and am committed to it, for it is for His Glory, not mine. Chapter sixteen continues the story of Sarai, Abram and Hagar. There are consequences for their actions but GOD does indeed keep His Word " all things God works for the good of those who love Him..." (Romans 8:28 NIV). I don't want to miss the tremendous blessings God has for me for it will only be by His Grace I can accomplish anything at all. I'm looking forward to serving Him in whatever capacity He has for me to do, because it will all be to His Glory. I'm just His servant.