Been thinking about....procrastination. It's been dogging me at every turn. There always seems to be something more important, pressing, or interesting that steals my attention. The enemy of my soul has started using "What if's...?" to discourage me from even getting started. This leads to a 'pity--party'; but I will not entertain satan any longer.

No, I will give thanks to the LORD for He is my GOD! This GOD Who met me and encouraged me at Ghost Ranch is the same GOD Who will use my procrastinating to refine my faith and purify my heart. He is still using me, to speak encouragement to Rita, having cancer surgery soon. Her daughter Linda is caring for her during this critical time; they were shopping in the local food store and I had a chance to speak briefly to them both. Little moments the LORD presents to me to speak on His behalf; they are indeed 'presents'. Yes, He is using these situations to refine my faith and purify my heart. He works in His own time, at just the right moment to complete the tasks He needs done. Oh LORD, let me be willing to be used by You, whenever You need me.