"Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight"

Karen Linamen has been a favorite author for a long time. My collection of her books, shown to the left, has kept me laughing, thinking, praying, crying, repenting, eating chocolate, career (I got laid off in June), stuck in my prayer life (yeah God, you know...yadda yadda), even stuck in my worship, both in and out of church. I was in that desert place where every hill looks the same, and no matter which way I'd turn, the endless scenery went on for miles. I was weary of trying to find which hill to attempt next. I knew I couldn't stay where I was, but couldn't do much more than take a few futile steps in any direction so the view would be slightly different. Karen's writing spoke clearly to this lonely place. By page 22 I had a viable, actual thing I could do. Being a visual learner, I needed this 'picture', this 'hands-on' THING I could do. Thirty pages later, I found myself with a roughly drawn map to escape the desert place I had been. I still had some 140-ish pages to go and I was already excited about where I would be, where God would take me, on this journey! I've read through the book for the first time; fully intending it to become worn and dog-eared, like the rest of my collection of her books. They are indeed worth a first, second, even a fifth time reading. God has gifted Karen with a way of writing that will indeed touch, uplift and inspire you, wherever you are in your circumstances.

I will urge you, dear reader, to pick up ANY of Karen Scalf Linamen's books, and dive into her wacky, wonderful world of living each day to its fullest! laughing some more, singing, exploring feelings, having "TA-DA" moments, eating more chocolate, and laughing some more. Mostly they have brought me closer to God in ways I hadn't even imagined. Her latest book, "Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight" is all of these things, times ten. It came at a time when I was stuck -- stuck in my own desert of self-ness instead of being in His Garden of abundance.

RUN to your nearest bookstore, (or to the nearest website - http://www.karenlinamen.com/ ) and do something awesome for yourself and buy any or ALL of Karen's books. I promise you will NOT be at all disappointed and may even find a friend waiting!