Memphis - Part 3 (Walkin' in Memphis - A)

When my son first moved to Memphis, the song "Walkin' in Memphis" by Marc Cohn took on a new meaning. Instead of it just being a great song to sing along with, I now had a personal connection with it. My son was going to school there.

But now that I've been there, it's a whole different experience. I've been "walkin' in Memphis", and I was pleasantly surprised.

For my feet were "...ten feet off of Beale..."

Seeing the pride and, yes, the soul of the people and the history associated with this city blew me away. The passion. The consuming passion and the artistry spoke deep into my soul.

The passion. Whether it is for the music, beauty or life itself, was evident.

Thank you, Memphis, for sharing yourself with me, and getting under my skin.