Memphis - Part 1

I could of sworn it was Louie Armstrong standing there in the lobby...but of course it wasn't. It was a bronze statue against a backdrop of exquisite cut glass; at night the blue/green glass shimmered as the only light in the area--highlighting Louie in all his glory. Yes, I was in Memphis, Tennessee.

I was there for my son's senior project. He gave his all to this project--losing and finding himself in the whole process. This was a very good thing for him. Knowing him as I do--as only mothers can know their sons--he had been struggling for years to find his way. He knew his passion; yet had those fears of actually pursuing it, afraid to fail.

He didn't fail.

He succeeded with an assurance; an expertise I knew he was capable of--but didn't know if he knew. He knows now.

He graduates next week. A hard earned Bachelor's Degree in Music Business Ministry. He is ready for the position God has for him. My son has been taught the things he needs to know, and met the people he needs to connect with, to succeed in bringing God's plan for him to fruition.

I give thanks to the Lord, for His answers to my prayers.

And I am a proud mom.