I Got to Laugh at Myself ...... Again!

My church has a ladies Bible study once a month, the first Tuesday of the month. I missed the last two months, due to my forgetfulness. I was determined to attend in January. With the New Year's holiday on a Sunday this year, my husband was home today (Monday) also. For some reason, this threw me off completely. At 6:20 tonight, I realized the Bible study is at 7PM! I better get moving! I jumped in the shower and dressed in record time. I sped to church (no small feat; it's 28 miles away) to find NO ONE THERE. I called a couple of friends; while speaking to one of them I realized.....today is Monday. The Bible study is tomorrow.

Now, I don't know what you would have done when this reality hit you. I did the first thing I thought of--I laughed. It struck me pretty funny that I drove all the way here, only to find I was a day early!

I look at it this way; I got to drive my car in no traffic, I got to talk to two friends whom I wouldn't have called otherwise, and I had a practice run to church, albeit for no reason, but a trip just the same. It was a beautiful night, too cold for the roof to be down, but a nice night anyway. I am in good enough health to be out under my own power, my car is running smoothly and I have enough gas for today. Yes, I laughed at myself!

I got to sing His praises over a mistake I had made. Sort of like praising the LORD....anyway; even when things don't go perfectly as planned. I've heard it said that when we make plans, GOD laughs. I'm sure He was ROTFL at this one!