Getting Back into the Routine

I get so lazy on the weekends. I stay up late on Friday, just because I can, then sleep in a bit past the usual 3:45 AM on Saturday. However, the dogs do not seem to understand that they can be fed LATER on the weekend and do NOT have to start barking before 7 AM. This wakes my dear husband or myself; one of us will go downstairs so the other can keep sleeping. This morning I got up to keep the dogs from wasting away lest they miss a meal. Tomorrow at 3:15 the alarm will sound; I will take my morning medications and catch an additional half hour of sleep before the second alarm sounds. Then I will become more awake, tend to the morning rituals that must be performed, then go into my 'study' and write for 20-30 minutes.(Thank you Kathi Lipp!) Then I will ponder the day, read the scriptures, check my e-mail and prepare for the 'daily grind'; the full time job.

It's 8:15...time to turn in after making lunch and coffee for tomorrow, choosing suitable attire and making sure all systems are "go" for the AM.

Must remember to look for His direction first.