When did my eyes get so old? I mean, I know they are aging along with the rest of me, but this seems unexpected. I already know I can't do some of the things I did when I was younger. Having become resigned to this, I've been getting along with magnifiers from the dollar store (LOVE that place!) but lately my sight has been a bit fuzzier than usual. Turns out, my eyes need two differents strengths of magnification. When did this happen? Apparently it happened very slowly over a long period of time. My bifocal is nearly the same strength, so It's only been in the last two to three years. I now have a new pair of readers (NOT from the dollar store) and am amazed at the difference. Before, I made do with what I had and if I couldn't see clearly, I just got the next stronger pair, not realizing the strain I was putting on my eyes. They were constantly having to refocus each time.

I got to thinking about how similar this experience is to sin. How often do we settle for 'almost' or 'close enough' when all we have to do is go to the Doctor and get what we truly need? How often do we try a 'stronger strength' in our own power, rather than seeking out His Power?

I've had these new reading glasses, which I wear at work in my assembly job, for just over a week. I have not had a migraine for that whole time, whereas I was suffering with that malady for over two years. TWO YEARS! This tells me the obvious; again, I was trying to fix it on my own instead of going to the One Who fixes it right.

What situation are you settling for? How close is your 'close enough'? Make the time in your day to seek His solution. He is only a prayer away, and He is waiting...