Fear is a Four Letter Word

I did some dwelling in Genesis 22 today. I'm halfway through my own creative Sabbath, seeking God's face concerning my writing/art/speaking career and found a snippet of paper in my notes that said "Write about Genesis 22". So...Chapter 22 starts with "Some time later...". This is after the miraculous conception of Isaac and Hagar's being run out of town by Sarah. "God tested Abraham..." In my life, I have found that God does indeed test us, but He usually gives us a break, albeit sometimes short, to catch our breath and re focus on Him, as long as we are willing to hear. In verse 2, God asks Abraham for the ultimate sacrifice - the offering of his only son, whom he loved deeply. As a parent, I can tell you that this is a heart breaking thought; to be asked to burn your child to death on an altar as a sacrifice. Scripture tells us, in verses 3 and 4, that they didn't set out until the next morning and it took three days to get to the place God directed.

What conversations ran through Abraham's mind during this time? What would run through your mind?

Abraham went through all the necessary preparations, cutting wood, bringing the fire or the flint, and then, seeing the place God had directed, he built the altar and set the wood in place for the fire (Verses 3-9).

He had made up his mind to obey God.

Scripture doesn't record any of the conversation between Isaac and Abraham during the trip; only in verse seven where Isaac asks about the lamb. How it must have grieved Abraham to answer his son, for what he probably thought was for the last time. Yet his obedience to God came first.

Oh to have an obedient heart like Abraham!

I confess I do not always obey God when He urges me to drop someone a note, or make a phone call. On the occasions when I do obey Him, I usually hear, at a later time, "Oh how did you know I needed that phone call?" or "Thank you for your card! I really needed to hear your encouragement."

What would I do with a command from God as life-changing as the one Abraham recieved?

What will I do with my call to write for His Glory, to sculpt and speak for His Glory?

What fear is holding me back?

When God called Abraham, he reply was simply,"Here I am."(verses 1 and 11)

"Here I am."