Fast days

I seem to have alot of clutter on my plate right's in the way of my creative process and has me stalled a bit. It sounds to me like I'm due for a fast day; the Holy Spirit has been nudging me into this for a while. Fasting is the best way I know of to get to the heart of the matter. For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, one fasts from food of a designated amount of time with the goal being a closer relationship with God and His Speaking. It must be Holy Spirit driven, or else it simply becomes an amount of time in which one can think of NOTHING but food! For me, whenever I get those hunger pangs (and they surely DO come) I push my mind to think about whatever God has for me to pray about.

Somethimes it will be a song I repeat over and over in my mind; other times He brings to mind someone to pray over. I once fasted about a job I wanted, fully intending to fast all day, when around 3PM the LORD impressed upon me to go ahead and eat--I need not fast any longer. I immediately assumed this was the enemy trying to get me to stop my fast (which is something he WILL do). After about a half hour, I gave in and ate and had peace about my decision, for I knew if God wanted me to have the job, I would have it. If not, He had something better in mind for me.

Turns out, I did not get the job. However, the decision about the job must have been made around the time I was told to stop the fast, as I could glean from the letter I recieved 3 days later. Coincidence? No. God is in control.

So...I have some friends' needs to pray about; my back has been going into unexplained spasms for the last week or so, and my prayer life and devotional time can always use a boost. This sounds to me like the right time to fast from externals and reach deep into the depths of my self. I also know, if the LORD isn't in it, I will not succeed. And that's just fine with me; I never want it to be about me anyway. It's about a man Who died on a cross for me.

I will be fasting throughout this coming week. Let me know if there's something you need me to lift to His Throne. Take the risk. Expect God to move on your behalf. Confidences will be kept. Details are between you and Him; I need not know. But DO know, if you ask, I will pray for you.