Expectancy -- 2013

Have you ever had one of those days?100_9973 I had these great expectations...

Writing today's (Monday's) blog post was one task on the list.

I was going to finish some last bits of art projects,

mail some packages and letters;

lo -- 17 "things" could have ,theoretically,

been moved from



I had been  called upon   compelled to pray for some of my friends today. These weren't the usual, "Oh Lord, bless my friend ____ today, give her a great outcome from ___.  And Please be with ___ as he goes through___."


Oh no. These were the gut-wrenching, sobbing, I-don't-know-what-I-can-say, O-Lord-how-can-this-happen? kind of prayers. The ones that stop you in your tracks and every fiber in your mind is thinking of your friend, picturing them wrapped in the Father's arms; His tears falling on their hair as He sobs with you on their behalf. And it was e-mail after e-mail and text after text. The needs kept coming, so I kept praying. I couldn't NOT pray.



I know a lot of people focus on a specific word for the coming year. I had never even heard of this practice, up until last year when the Lord impressed upon me the word determination. Determination kept me keeping on with what I knew, and still know, to be true.

My word for 2013 is expectancy.

I noticed, when I drive, I look to the sides of the road (of course watching where I'm going!). In fact, I was driving when the Lord and I had a conversation, and He whispered, " Yes,you look with expectancy".

I've learned to expect to find useful things by looking where others dismiss.

I notice. I ponder. But most importantly, I pray with expectancy.

Oh I still have a "to-do" list. And I'll keep at it. Unless He has something else (read: better) for me to do.

Because it's really not about me and what I want. It's about Him, His Kingdom, and what He wants.