Christmas RUSH -- Only 4 Days Left!

Are you pulling your hair out yet? Are you checking off items from your to-do list? Is your credit card about ready to melt from all of the activity it's seen? Have you fallen into the retailer's trap of, "Oh, don't forget about So-&-So's gift!" Or the ever popular, "Do we have enough? Better to have too much than not enough!" No, we want to be the ones with the seemingly endless larder; the "hostess-with-the-mostess" or "You can always count on the (insert-name-here) to put on a great showing".

How often do we spent so much time rushing about, with our arms full, checking and rechecking every last detail, until it all becomes too much and we simply collapse in the chair? We run ourselves ragged, with all our doing and doing.

When do we take the time to just be?

To just be in fellowship with friends we pass by quickly?

To just be sitting next to our spouse, watching a silly Christmas movie we've seen at least once every year?

To just be quiet, with God, His book open in our lap.

To just be?

To accept His Grace, His Son, His Gift to each and every one of us?

God cannot pour His Riches of His Presence into hands already full.