Carb highs and lows

What is this thing I have going on?I've been craving junk food for about two weeks and it's making me nuts! (Pardon the pun!) I actually went to the store solely to buy Cracker Jack! I then got frustrated because I couldn't find it. I first went to the candy aisle; no Cracker Jack. I picked up a big bag of assorted 'mini size' Snickers, Milky Ways, Twix, etc. thinking that would console my cravings. Onward to the chip aisle. Up one side and down the Cracker Jack. What? Please don't tell me I have to drive 40 minutes to the nearest baseball stadium to find.....wait.....behind that pole....YES!

Did you know they don't sell Cracker Jack in boxes anymore? No, it has been downgraded to a bag like any potato or corn chip so they can sell you the air in the bag as well.

I intended to leave with my purchase(s) when I found myself back in the candy aisle. What now? Ah, Gummy Bears! Hey, why not? Don't the fruit flavors round out the food group? Alas.....

I ate a bunch of the Cracker Jack when I got home (yes, I did have the restraint to not eat it in the car) and opened the gummies. "Just a couple" I lied to myself. HA! I did have the foresight to throw the bag of mini's into the freezer. Unfortunately I have developed a liking for frozen chocolate bars.

This morning I woke up thinking about those cursed little bars in the freezer.

Sadly, I will admit, I had candy bars for breakfast. No, I did not put them in a bowl and add milk, but I did eat them right out of the bag. Sigh.

The sugar high lasted 25 minutes of my 30 minute aerobic workout; luckily the caffeine picked up the slack. The bag is almost gone and I intend to NOT give in to such a raw and powerful craving again. It threw my sugar into a spin and I find myself nodding off in front of the TV.

I wanted to be writing and spending time with GOD in His Word instead of schlepping around in a sugar daze.

Lord, You know I need to feel productive. The enemy knows it too and he uses weapons like sugar and sweets to break me down. I ask Your forgiveness for my lapses and call on Your power to lift me above this miry clay. Thank You LORD.