Being Productive

I like the feeling of being productive. I'm one of those who make lists of things to do so I can have the sheer pleasure of crossing things off. In Acts 16, where Paul and Silas were jailed, verse 30 nailed me. The guard, seeing the power of God in the broken shackles and open cell door, was ready to do himself in. Paul stopped him. Then verse 30:

He brought them out and asked, "Sirs, what must I do to be saved?"

Why do we always think we need to DO something?

Anne Ortlund puts it this way in my devotional:

What must I do," asked the Phillipian jailer, "to be saved?" (vs.30) And Paul answered, "Believe. Just believe, and you'll be saved--that's all it takes. Don't 'do'; you'll just get in the way. Let God do the 'doing'!"

Lord, You know my need to 'feel productive'. Show me YOUR productivity today. Amen and Amen.