Adding Prayer to Lent...the Final Three days.

I am full. My cup is overflowing.

I have had these 3 days of so much prayer; so much closeness to God and physically feeling His Presence that I have had moments I couldn't speak.

It started with my determination to start my Friday in devotional time.

" first his kingdom and his righteousness..."(Matthew 6:33 NIV) " and you will find..."(Matthew 7:7 NIV) " and you will find..."(Luke 11:9 NIV)

Afterwards, I got many errands done; the ones that had been on recurring 'to-do' lists. I washed, dried and folded three loads of laundry. I made a big ol' pot of bean chili (simmering all day and making the house smell wonderful) I made a smaller pot of black bean soup. I worked on an art project I had been neglecting. I got three boxes ready for the mail. I spent time with friends Friday evening at our Bible study group. I went to our church's prayer vigil from 10PM-1 AM, and had a prophetic Word spoken over me.

I was filled with a new energy from that Word.

I slept.

I awoke, renewed.

I continued to slash things off the seemingly endless 'to-do' list. I went from shop to stop, finding good prices, consolidating my efforts, even finding the best route to not waste any extra time....and all throughout the day, I had the certain feeling I was totally in the moment.

I was giving praise to Him and I was indeed thankful.

I'm in the middle of reading Ann Voskamp's book,"One Thousand Gifts";(I'm not done with it yet, but I highly recommend it.) In it, the author wrestles hard with God, with the injustices of this Earth and comes nose to nose with a quote from Alexander Schmemann about the Eucharist [thanksgiving].

About giving thanks for ALL things. Bad things. Hurtful, bloody things. The things that make us dig our nails into our palms and scream until no sound comes out...

'Eucharisteo' she calls it.

Jesus went to the cross for our sins. He endured the betrayal, the beatings, the whipping, the carrying of the cross, the spikes in His hands, His feet, and the spear in His side. Jesus dies that cruel death for each one of us. If there was no one else, He did it for you. For me.

"After taking the cup, He gave thanks..." Luke 22:17(NIV) "And He took bread, gave thanks and broke it... do this in remembrance of Me." Luke 22:19(NIV)

The miracles happen after we truly give thanks.


I pray this journey of adding prayer to Lent has brought you closer to God. I know I am not the same.