Adding Prayer to Lent - Days 20 & 21

The past couple of days have been totally out of my control. It was beautiful weather so I had the windows open--the curtain blew a set of porcelin figurines right off the table, breaking two in the process. My three dogs have suddenly developed a penchant for peeing on the mud room rugs. Light bulbs are blowing out; first the candle in the front room, then the 3-way in the lamp by the recliner. Then the washer decided to stop spinning. When the repairman came, he could find nothing wrong with it-it worked fine. Apparently the washer decided to call in sick that day. (I wish it had told me beforehand so I could have saved the service bill.) And I also have developed pain in my left foot, resulting in a visit to the foot doctor who gave me a very painful shot in my heel and told me I need to wear a brace on my foot each night for the next month for my plantar fascitis. Today, another porcelin statue hit the radiator, breaking into three pieces. My husband walked into my art drying rack, breaking a couple of clay pieces that were drying.


The fact has not escaped me that yesterday was Day 20 of my 40-day journey of Adding Prayer to Lent.

I imagine the enemy of my soul is not pleased with my determination to add prayer each day, thus drawing me nearer to God.

GOOD! I am ready for this battle satan-BRING IT! Greater is HE that is in me...

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7 (NIV)