Adding Prayer to Lent - Days 17 & 18

I had the opportunity to put feet to my prayers today. I spent the day serving my husband. He came home early from work yesterday due to severe pain in his right foot. I had already scheduled an appointment with the podiatrist for today for myself, but I knew he needed the appointment more than I did. So, I took him to the foot doctor, then to Wal-mart, then for a haircut (while we were already in town), to CVS, stopped for lunch, and lastly, for a blood test. When we finally got home, we were exhausted and my left foot was beginning to have sympathy pains for his right one!

But I thought back Matthew 16, especially in verse 25. The footnote in my Bible says,"When we give our lives in service to Christ...we discover the real purpose of living."

I promised to love, honor and cherish him, in sickness or in health.

In serving my husband, I am serving God.