Adding Prayer to Lent - Days 13 and 14

Days 13 and 14 will be lumped together this week. Day 13, Sunday, ended up being a day of worship, prayer and rest. I had the opportunity to visit a residential nursing home with my church after our worship service, and it became a Holy place for me. After greeting those who chose to gather in the big room, I noticed the three or four residents who came to hear what was going on, but chose to not come into the room, but stayed in the hall. I was drawn to these. I brought songbooks out so they could follow the words if they wanted, and sat with them. I introduced myself, held hands while talking with them, and sang alongside them. The woman to my right had a beautiful voice and I told her so! She smiled and remembering earlier days, teared up and said little. After the singing, a brother shared a message of hope and salvation, then it was over.

I greeted some residents, asking how I could pray for them. They looked shocked; apparently this was not how they were used to being treated. I excused myself to get a pad from my purse. I rejoined them, wrote down their first names and told them I would be praying for them by name, lifting them to the Throne room of God. One gentleman looked at me and said,"Nobody's ever said that to me before."

I have fourteen added names to my prayer list.

Today will be a busy day of writing and submitting articles for publication.

Already, I've had people on my heart to pray for; texts have flown over the airwaves letting people know and responses have returned just as quick.

God is indeed honoring my commitment to add prayer during Lent.