Adding Prayer to Lent - Day 25

You just never know, do you? One minute, I was at the neighbor's, delivering lasagna, and the next minute, my cell phone rings. I recognized the number as one I'd seen before, but never actually spoke to. It always hung up before I could get to it, or missed the call entirely. (For those of you who have met me personally, this comes as no shock!) This time I heard the first ring, so I rushed to answer, wanting to know just who this was.

It turns out to be a pastor from Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. He found me on a social media site, and (while it is not my habit to become friends with just ANYone who requests a friendship) I friended him. The connection was not too clear, but we chatted for a few minutes , grateful to finally make the contact.

Some backstory here. I recieved an e-mail from Pastor Job about a week ago, with the friend request. My purpose for being on facebook and my blog are 1) to honor God, 2) tell others about Jesus and His saving Grace that's available for everyone if they will only believe, and 3) what He has done in my life. Earlier this year, while posting and praying through the 21--day Daniel Fast, I was contacted by another Pastor from Kenya, Pastor Joshua...."Go and tell..." comes to mind.

Pastor Job and his wife (also a Pastor) are looking for mature Christians to mentor them. They have three small children. They have seven churches in Kenya and oversee five in Uganda. These are busy people.

And Pastor Job found me.


To ask to mentor he and his wife.

Me--in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

I have 2 questions.

Do you think God doesn't know or care about you?

Do you think it's just a coincidence that this happened while I am determined to add prayer to Lent?