Adding Prayer to Lent - Day 16

I had a neat journaling/devotional time with God today. As I was writing down 'Praises'-(how I always start this time of communion with Him)-I heard that sneaky voice of the enemy approach, telling me I was stupid for deciding to write for no pay. He used the same lie on me that he used with Eve."Do you really think God will supply the money for your expenses if you don't get paid for your writing?" I shook my head; I have heard this lie before and I'm sure I'll hear it again. After 'Praises', I write 'Admits'(as is my custom) and I proceeded to write out all my fears and concerns on this subject. After I had done my part, I opened up my Life Application Bible and started to read His Part.

My Old Testament reading was from Genesis 47--'God will honor my faithfulness! The footnote for 47:29-31 states 'God's people are to speak the truth and live the truth.'

My reading from Psalm 2:10,11--" warned, you ruler of the earth.."(enemy) (I will)"..Serve the LORD with fear..."(with respect and authority) This tells me, "Get lost satan!"

Proverbs 17 had many nuggets for me, comparing the foolish with the wise. I'd rather have wisdom and do what God asks, than have money but be foolish. Footnote 17:22--" be cheerful is to be ready to greet others with...a word of encouragement...enthusiasm...a positive outlook...Such people are as welcome as pain-relieving medicine."

My New Testament reading was from Matthew 15. The disciples had just seen Jesus feed the 5000+ in chapter 14. This time, Jesus fed the 4000+ AND THERE WERE 7 BASKETFULS LEFT OVER!

God does not waste anything He provides.

Jesus takes what we give Him (me, a little scrap)

He gives thanks for it--

and provides in ABUNDANCE.