Adding Prayer to Lent - Day 15

I had five new things to pray about--5 different people have presented needs to me since yesterday. It seems the more I seek to add prayer, the more opportunities I get to pray. Even in my devotion today, from Proverbs 16 (NIV), my synopsis is:

verse 1--I hear the need, but God gives me the words to speak. verse 2--I will pray however seems right to me; (I will use words so all can understand) but You LORD, know my motivation. verse 3--I commit to the LORD all I do-and the success will be Yours, not mine.

Two other nuggets I took away from this reading today--

I will determine to do what You want, no matter how embarrassing or painful it might be... And Jesus took time to meet up with His Father; I must do this also.

Will you do this?