Adding Prayer During Lent - Day 3

I'm still digging nuggets out of Genesis 45. This is the story of Joseph revealing to his brothers who he is, that he is alive after his brothers cruelty to him when Joseph was younger. Given the hatred in the brothers' hearts when Joseph was younger, what kind of relationship did the brothers have with one another? What were their lives like when they told their lie about what happened to Joseph? What kind of life did the brothers have, keeping the secret between them about what really happened to Joseph?

The Bible doesn't clarify this. I'm not going to suppose an answer, but Joseph sent his brothers back home to fetch their father and the rest of their families and belongings. We can see the change in Joseph brought about by God. Joseph was able to forgive.

I find it interesting that in verse 24, Joseph tells his brothers, "Don't quarrel on the way!(NIV) The Message states,"Take it easy on the journey; try to get along with each other."

Did the brothers still have a root of jealousy in them?

Benjamin, Joseph's only full brother, recieved a greater share than the others. Perhaps Joseph's statement was a warning to the brothers to kill the root of jealousy before it caused them to sin again.

Jealousy, left unattended, will turn to envy. It eats away at the host like a cancer, causing death.

"A heart at peace gives life to the body,but envy rots the bones. - Proverbs 14:30 (NIV)

Might there be a bitter root of jealousy lurking in you? Deal with it now, before it causes you to sin.