Adding Prayer During Lent -- Day 1

As a child, Lent always meant giving up something I enjoyed; and I was told to be happy about it. Not a clear concept, especially to my young mind. It was supposed to represent the fact that Jesus gave up His life for us on the cross, so the least we could do was to give up something we liked for the forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter, so we would suffer, like Jesus did. Please understand, this was my youthful thinking's explanation. As I grew in wisdom and understanding, my thoughts surrounding this mysterious period of time changed. I began to see the time before Resurrection Day (as I learned to call it) a preparation time, to ponder how I could prepare myself to believe the miracle that is said to have taken place three days after Good Friday (another name I could not understand in my youth).

Over the last week, I have been called to pray mightily. Friends have relationship issues with family members, some are healing physically and emotionally, and others have needed travelling mercies. There have been two deaths among extended family members in as many days. I have felt the Lord's leading me to be on my knees, standing in the gap, for these dear ones.

Instead of giving something up during this Lenten season, I am being drawn to closer fellowship with my Lord. I want to seek His face daily--sometimes hourly, given my attention span.

I pray that you, dear reader, will find something meaningful to draw you to the Lord during our journey over the next forty days.