A Difficult Day at Work

Most days I like my job. I assemble electronic parts into and onto printed circuit boards for a small company. It is a private company and there are alot of favorites where the same rules don't necessarily apply to everyone equally. I came face to face with this situation today. I recently was out on family leave to care for my husband after surgery. The state I work in has this benefit; it's specifically for this type of event. I returned to work to find out the company had given a bonus to the production department (mine) covering the last six months. I had been out on leave for six weeks; the bonus was given two weeks before I returned. I asked my supervisor about it and she went to personnel with my question. Apparently, because I was not in work the day they gave out the bonus, I was not eligible. Another person who was out on family leave but returned the week before the bonus did receive it. Still another employee who left on maternity leave one month before her due date and is not sure if she is returning also received her bonus. At first, I reasoned that I could not receive the bonus as it would mess up the amount of compensation I was receiving from the state. I accepted this and drew strength from the fact that my Lord knows all about the situation. I really did have peace about it. But then I started to think about the money. We were struggling with the lower income from my husband's disability and my smaller than regular pay, both of which were not showing up on a steady basis. A bonus, of any amount, would have done a lot to boost our stretched thin budget. On my break, instead of sitting with the group in the lunchroom, I opened my Bible. There in the introduction to 1 Thessalonians, was the sentence "...As you live in a culture hostile to Christian values, look in this letter for guidelines on relationships and for perspectives on life shaped by eternity." As I read through chapter one, phrases caught my eye as though my loving Father had His Finger on them just for me..."your work produced by faith, and labor prompted by love..." from verse three. Sigh.

I have reminded myself over and over that I do not work for this company; I work for my Lord. He knows the work of my hands and I know He is pleased with me. Verse seven goes on to say "And so you became a model to all ..." ; yes, I have spoken to some co--workers about my faith. Then God brought to mind the story of the workers in the vineyard in Matthew. The ones hired at the beginning of the day were paid the same as the ones hired at the end of the day. Specifically I heard the Lord impress upon me, "Doesn't he have the right to do what he wants with his money? That is all he has." All at once I realized that God will take care of any bonus I need. His riches are far greater than anything an earthly boss could provide. I will accept this decision by management and continue to work as I have been, for my Lord deserves no less than that.