A Beautiful Work

This was my studio today.100_9975 I have no less than 7 projects going at the same time.

I love this!

Although I am a mise en place (a French term that means 'everything in place') kinda girl, especially when it comes to my sock drawer, a messy studio is a delight to me.

It means I'm doing.

It means the creative juices are flowing.

It means I've gotten excited about my passion again.

It means I'm doing work I was created to do!

So I am not surprised to read in my beloved copy of "Come Away My Beloved" by Frances J. Roberts, these words:

"...There is work to be done, and I need you as a vessel through which to work......I want to do a beautiful work.......There will be inconveniences to be born, self-pleasing to be laid aside, and sacrifices and pain--but what a blessed reward I have in store! Yes, in store for you, if you are able to let Me use you the way I desire....

You are not unworthy; you are not unprepared. You have no reason to hold back...draw closer to Me, and I will pour My love out upon you......Lo, I wait for you..."

Chosen. For this. My work. 100_9979