Were You The Reason I Prayed?

c59119 I’ve always been a very sound sleeper. As a child, my mother used to hold a mirror under my nose to see if I was still breathing. In my junior high school days, I was ridiculed mercilessly by my girlfriends, for I committed the most mortal of sins– I slept through a pajama party.
The discovery of a diagnosis of sleep apnea in my 40′s, only reinforced this.
So, when the Lord bolted me awake at 2:25AM (EST) this morning, I took it seriously. Were you the reason I prayed?
I was dragged from a blissful and utter, almost hibernative state to a resounding, coherent awakedness, that could be no more complete had I been plunged into the Bering Sea in January.
The one word, NOW! resounded in my mind.
Fully awake, I methodically went through my mental checklist; thanking God for the sleep I did get, listing family members–starting with my dear husband at my side. As I ran through my family members, friends, and acquaintances, I started fanning out my area of influence.
I gIanced at the clock–2:53AM.
I ran through my Twitter feed, and e-mails, still not having a sense of emergency, but more of a sense of purpose. I started praying for groups of people–police, firefighters, first-responders, hospital workers…even you–the readers of this blog…the list went wordlessly on.
Until, at 3:39AM, I had peace to stop, confident I had done what the Lord asked.
I need not know for whom I prayed. I need not know why. You know, and God knows; and that’s enough.
So, if you were the reason I prayed, rest in His arms–He’s got you.
If you were not the main reason He woke me up to pray, rest in His arms–you were prayed over anyway.
Perhaps it was a preemptive strike, not to be revealed this side of Heaven.
I don’t need to know.

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Cyn Rogalski is a daughter of the Most High God. A prayer warrior, artist, speaker and writer, the work of her hands is meant to draw you to Jesus. Want me to speak at your next retreat, service or gathering? Contact me by leaving a comment below.
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2 Responses to Were You The Reason I Prayed?

  1. Karen Nolan Bell says:

    It’s so wonderful that in my moment of unknowing bliss, I had you praying over me. What an awesome friend I have! I don’t think it was me that needed your woken in the middle of the night prayer–but then–who knows? The Lord knows. Maybe we all needed your prayers. 🙂

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