The Death of a Child

Inside the Cemetary

Inside the Cemetary

I’ve felt compelled to pray for those who have experienced the death of their child.
And I feel lost at where to begin.

I’ve never faced this grief myself.
I cannot imagine the jumble of emotions, lightening quick, that would course through my body, my brain…my heart..

To know I will not see my child, my baby (yes, no matter how old they become) ever again, this side of Heaven…

Yet I’m compelled to pray…

for parents I don’t know…over children I will not meet…

The situation that brought this result is immaterial to me as I pray. Whether by accident, disease, by the action of someone else, or by the child’s own hand, the result is still the same.

A child is gone from this world.

A heart is stilled.

A dream is shattered.

Hope is lost.

Futures are ended.

And parents mourn.

I know of One who knows what the parents are going through. He lost His child too.

The more I see publicity taking its potshots, and discussing the death of Trayvon Martin over and over on the television and social media, I can’t help but feel so sad for his parents. They are dealing with loss compounded by public opinion at every turn.

Celebrities, Pastors, laywomen, Royalty, blue collar workers; none are immune to a quick decision that has immediate, life-altering results.

And I am compelled to pray.

I can’t fix it.

The result is the same.

I’m not going to take a stand here about George Zimmerman’s court case verdict.

I can’t answer any questions, because I have not been in the same situation.

I don’t know how I would react, in a similar scenario.

But this I do know.

Someone’s child is dead. and the parents are mourning. 2004-04-20 01.15.36

Tonight, and in the days to come, I’m lifting parents who have lost a child.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. –Matthew 5:4

Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy. –John 16:22

The Lord comforts His people and will have compassion on His afflicted ones. –Isaiah 49:13

If you are grieving tonight, please leave a comment, and I will include you in my prayers.
Thank you for the opportunity to pray for you.

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Cyn Rogalski is a daughter of the Most High God. A prayer warrior, artist, speaker and writer, the work of her hands is meant to draw you to Jesus. Want me to speak at your next retreat, service or gathering? Contact me by leaving a comment below.
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2 Responses to The Death of a Child

  1. Dear Cyn,

    It’s our worst fear, as parents, that the unexpected happens and we are forced to bury a child. To love means risking our hearts, and there can be hardly a greater pain than loss of a child. I’m glad my children are safe, healthy, and sound, but I know the pain of loss that others carry daily… and I join you in lifting those families up to our Father in heaven… the one who mends broken hearts and lefts our heavy burdens.

    Bless you for your heart of compassion to faithfully pray for others! May the Lord fill you with discernment and wisdom, joy and peace, and may His love overflow in your life today!

    • Cyn says:

      Thank you Susan. This was a hard post to write. I had no choice–God was speaking to me.

      Thank you for joining me in prayer. -Cyn-

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