I go out of my way to not discuss politics on social media. I see all the posts…the good, the bad, and the ugly; the ones from liberals, conservatives, nut jobs, and serious alike.

Is this What You Think Of When You Think About Election 2016?





I’ve been inundated with info about candidates on all platforms of social media and the news, not to mention every other television commercial.

But one thing I haven’t seen, is something the Lord laid heavily on my heart…something my pastor spoke of a couple of months ago.

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Star Struck

I admit it. I get star struck.                                                                                                

The lobby of the CNN building in Atlanta, GA

The lobby of the CNN building in Atlanta, GA

 I didn’t think so for the longest time, but yes…

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Beauty From the Storm

You may have heard me say this before, but

my very favorite photos are sunsets, and sunrises after a stormy night. 

Isn’t it true, that we sometimes complain about the storms in our lives?

It’s also true, that without the storms, we wouldn’t have the beautiful sky to view afterwards.

Thank You Lord, for being with us before, during and after the storm–and for helping me to see the beauty. I love how I can look at a beautiful cloud formation, and know it was from You…and then look again in a moment or two…and it’s gone…or at least different than when I first saw it. It’s like You created it just for me to see…at that precise moment…

It’s like that quote from Max Lucado, “…Like it? I did it just for you!”

It’s moments like these I feel so blessed–so aware of You, right here beside me… always the same. Never changing…thank You for that Lord. ‎
There’s a saying I’ve adopted, from the late B.G. Nevitt–
B. G. was known to say, “The Bible says ‘It came to pass…’
It didn’t come to stay.” 
It’s another of God’s truths to hold on to…especially when things are changing so fast around us.


I hope you’ll remember that, the next time a storm enters your life. Feel free to share a time when God was unmistakenly right beside you in your storm. And know I’ll be praying for you.

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Afterthoughts – Part 3 (Conclusion)

It requires great pressure to create a jewel.

It requires great pressure to create a jewel.

I’m always amazed, but not surprised, at how God works.

I’m glad to say I no longer feel like an afterthought.


Here I was feeling like something you would scrape off the bottom of your shoe, while He was working things behind the scenes and urging people to encourage me. Whether a blog post, a Facebook or Pinterest post; even a tweet…all His timing.

(If you’ve missed the previous parts of this journey, you can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. ) Continue reading

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Afterthoughts — Part 2 Afterthoughts - Part 2God’s timing, as always, is perfect.

I haven’t written anything on this blog, or anywhere, for that matter, since my last post, Afterthoughts — Part 1,  back in September, 2013.

Been a tough time…this last 18 or so months…

Learned some stuff, thankfully, along the way. And still learning.

Apparently, 2014 was a year of healing.

Confessing to God I was brokenhearted, instead of glossing over my feelings or making excuses. Continue reading

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